PSCC Labor Day Trip

A South Sound Trip
for a Longbranch Raft-up

We left Friday, before dark, and caught the front comeing through with warm 25 knot winds, that dropped
just before the Northerly came in cold. What a shift! We ducked into lakely Harbor for the night.

We motorsailed down through the Narrows, till we could sail between McNeil and Anderson Islands.
Scott on Blue Jay passed us, bluffing me into a hole just outside Pitt Passage. We arrived at the
raft-up just in time for a potluck dinner. Thanks guys!

Lots of friends, fine food, and fun supportive group - it was a fine raft-up! I got up a couple masts, changing a lightbulb
and checking out the top of Simplicity's for the first time. Kathleen and I went for a dinghy trip around little McNeil Island,
trapped crabs and picked blackberrys. Ron and Suzie had Ice cream! To soon, everyone had to leave.

After everyone else left, we discovered we couldn't start the engine - no jumper cables or help!
We hauled up the chain and anchor, a job, and sailed till the wind died and the current swept us around near the
McNeil Ferry dock. We put the outboard back on the dinghy tied to the boat and slowly motored towards the Narrows.
Of course we missed the slack, but we worked the eddies and made it into the Narrows Marina, a little sportboat place.
They let us tie up and charge our batteries and by the next tide, we were good to go. We motored up Colvos Passage,
cold and clear in the dark, and anchored very late, back in Barkely Harbor, whew another long day.

We watched the other boats leave, our motor started, the windlass got the anchor up, and had a fine sail home. Great weekend!

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Rart from mast