PSCC Longbranch Raft-up

Laborday Weekend, September 4th-7th, 2009

Rainbow pic

We got off the dock just before 3PM, missing the major tide window, and motor sailed South in light air. Current wasn't much of an issue, down Colvos Passage, till we got the the Tacoma Narrows at dusk. We played the side eddies, and lined up with the current and anchored in Longbranch at 10:45. While we might have stopped earlier, we would have missed sodium light reflections near McNeal Island, and the phosphorescent bow wave in the darkness later. The next morning we realized we were alone, the rest of the club hadn't shown up yet, so we stayed in bed. Drew and Mary on s/v Otter arrived about noon, followed by Tor and Jess on s/v Yare, Ron & Suzi on s/v Tango, Larry and guests, Dennis & Brianna on s/v Gloria Maris. Mark & Diane arrived before the rain on their Stiletto catamaran s/v Duet.

The weekend weather report was pretty bad, and several boats didn't make it, but for the folks that did, it was a great raft-up! The weather kept changing, sunny one minute and raining for an hour or two as the next low blew through. We picked berrys in the rain, and crabbed till we had waves over the dinghy - thanks for hanging in there Drew! Ron rebuilt my outboard carburetor, we got crabs and ate them with cobbler, quite a feast as the rain blanketed the shore. Sunday we had a fine sail, tacking back up Colvos, and anchoring in Blakely harbor, just before the next deluge.

For a "iffy" weekend, it was a fine fun trip - thanks all. . .

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