PSCC Port Madison

October 23-24


     We went over to Port Madison Sat. afternoon in light air, gently sailing along at 3-4 knots at dusk.   Scott, Kathleen's son came with us, for the small cruising club turn-out, with fine food and good friends.   Four boats made it this year, everyone else must have been listening to the weather reports.   Steve told the history of the PSCC Pugnacious Pumpkin Award, and many missing members of the club were remembered.   While club cruisers may sail away, they are not forgotten!   You will of course, have to come to the next meeting, to find out who has earned this coveted award.

     We came back Sunday in squally 24-34 knots, wet with stinging rain, lots of chop, which dropped out speed down from 7 knots to 4 at times, spray over the boat, and waves washing the side deck - pretty wild.   I was driving from the low side and had one wave slap and slosh me in the aft corner of the boat!   I was really pleased with the way the combing widens for the winch and sloshes the 4-6 inches of water sliding down the deck toward me overboard.   I'd like to think the C&C designers thought of that. . .

     Steve on Osprey, the Annapolis 44, reported 45 knots and one puff over 50, that flipped his dinghy.   He had a head start, but got swept north of Meadow point, had to deal with his dinghy and motor-sail South to Shilshole.   I saw where he was headed, and worked to windward, so we beat him in, and were grateful to get snugged in and the boat rinsed as the sun came out.   Kathleen was right, we should have put the second reef in!

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