PSCC Blakely Harbor Raft-Up


      What a wonderful weekend, truly a great summer weekend sailing in Puget Sound, sunny and warm, with wind! We went down to Blakely for the PSCC raft-up and didn't even do the race. It was the annual Tequilla race, and new Commodore Katie, from Amber Eve, clearly makes the best margaritas!

Fun spinnaker reach from Seattle over to Blakely Harbor! I was seeing almost hull speed while Kathleen was building a blackberry pie, whining because the only level surface was the stove w/ 425 degree oven - ouch. I had to pull the chute down before we got to the rocks or we would have spun up into them for sure! Took several tries, drive down, ease sheet run up and sock. Without the spinnaker pulling the bow down, the boat rounds up, so run back, steer down, and repeat. . . (Note: learn to trim main!)

We had ten boats at the raft-up, from Deb and Kevin's Kent Ranger 26 to Bill and Kathy's J-42, Jarana, just back from NZ. Osprey, the Annapolis 44 was the "party boat" and caught most of the spills. It was a delight to be back on Rob and Teresa's Baba 40, Yohelah. Ron and Peggy did boat tours on their Norseman 400, Solstice, and we were left behind by Altair with the nice jib. Lots more boats were out - it was such a nice day. . .

Good group and good food, (great pie!)  Thanks all!

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