PSCC Circumlocution

©Lee Youngblood 2013

          The Puget Sound Cruising Club does an annual race around Bainbridge Island. It starts off West Point, and this year it was a windy one! With Michael, now eleven on boat, we headed out into the wind and chop, looking for the other boats. Amber Eve came out, and we turned North for a better ride. There was a lot of current in Agate Pass, and we motor sailed a little - we've won this race and can't again for five years.

We had a fun little tacking duel with our friends Rob and Teresa on Yohelah. They rolled us of course, their waterline is longer than out boat, but it is fun to pester them like crows! We rafted up and soon had quite a good group, for such a cold and windy day. The "Horrors de Hoover" contest always guarantees good food and lots of smiles.

What a good group, a pretty tough crowd, happy to sit out in the cockpit, swap stories, and share food. I'm always looking for portraits, trying to get a good shot of everyone at the raft-up. We got to sail a bit more heading home, and even saw the local eagle on the breakwater mark. Again this year, it was a delight to have Michael with us - we just need a few more kids in the mix. . .

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