PSCC Kingston

Kingston LIghts

          The Puget Sound Cruising Club only does one trip a year to a dock, the November trip, so folks can have heat. While a typical grey winter trip, it was downwind, and we only needed half the genoa. This year we went to Kingston, a great cozy destination. Despite the dire wind warnings, we had eight boats show up, and other cruisers came by land and ferry. We enjoyed their Winter lighting festival. A variety of city clubs provided welcome fire-pits, the high school a good band, and the chamber quite a festive light show. It as great to see all the kids running around. After dinner we piled into Steve and Elsie's Osprey for an "over the top" dessert potluck. Sunday the winds in the marina were light enough we all headed home. Oops! I should have listened to Kathleen. Tagging along after Dorothy, we had full sails up, when we got slammed at the corner. We were over powered and rounding up,even with the brakes on. I tried to roll up the Genoa, but the lazy sheet had tied itself up in a "sail-makers knot" - keep flogging and you get to buy a new sail - argh! While we had a few puffs in the 30's mostly we saw 24 to 28 knots. Once we had the sails dialed-in we we could sail easily through the chop, and we made it back to Shilshole in just over two hours. It was good to be docked.

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