PSCC Bywater Bay Trip

©Lee Youngblood 2014

The cruising club, Puget Sound Cruising Club, usually has a raft-up after the monthly meetings. It's a good tradition, that helps get us off the dock most months. They don't have meetings in July or August, as most folks are off cruising. This year the plan was for an August 30-September 1st, Labor Day Raft-up in Bywater Bay (West of Hood Head). A raft-up before a meeting, who would show up? We had to go, just to see. . .

We didn't get off the dock till about 2:20 Saturday, no problem there's lots of daylight and we've arrived well after dark in the past. We motored-sailed North, and didn't find any wind, till Andrew Cross passed us on his Gran Soleil at Foul Weather Bluff. We had a nice sail down the Hood Canal, and anchored at 7:35pm, an easy 22.8 nm trip. Nea Mera, Jim's Tartan 380 was already anchored and quiet, so we didn't try to raft-up.

We checked and moved the crab pots Sunday morning, then went up to the head of the bay and drifted back into the lagoon. We went over the isthmus to check out the beach on the other side. The gentle sound of the water lapping on the shore was sweet. We had a little dinner with Marcy and Jim, and early the Monday they took off. We finally got one good big crab, and headed home, a great long weekend and it was nice to see folks we recognized out on the water. Enjoy!

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