Phinney Bay Trip / To Eagle Harbor

©Lee Youngblood 2014

          Kathleen & I didn't make it to Phinney Bay, with the cruising club or CYC, and I was the one pushing for that trip! Saturday we were a little late getting off, it was blowing mostly 18-24 knots, and we had tide and wind opposing, with enough chop, to toss everything in the v-berth. We had two reefs in the main, so we never even buried the rail, but it took careful sailing and clean tacks to get anywhere. I kept looking back at the Cal 39 and the M&R Annapolis 44, sure the 44 would catch us. I expect his waterline is as long as our boat. Down near Eagle Harbor, I looked back and thought the 44 was headed back to Shilshole. I really thought they were giving up, but it was just a nasty tack and bad current. I was too busy, it was a wet one, and didn't get any pics on the way down. Kathleen wasn't happy I had dragged her out into it again, so we bailed out and spent the night in Eagle Harbor - better. Only three bigger boats made it to Phinney Bay - maybe next time we will.

Sunny and 15 knots, sailing downwind with just the jib up, was so much better on Sunday! So it turned out to be a great weekend. Enjoy the pics!

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