PSCC New Years Trip

Fireworks ©Lee Youngblood 2015

Puget Sound Cruising Club traditionally does a New Years Eve raft-up in Blakely Harbor. It's often wet and cold, with only a few boats at the raft-up. This year, it was dry, and a light-air sail down to Blakely Harbor. We got off about 3:30, and Kam and Ross on his Pretorien, Turbulence caught us at West Point, on this first cruising club trip. Underpowered with a small jib, we put up a spinnaker, and got ahead, till we jibed, and I think I caught a Volkswagen up there. I couldn't even sock it, and had to fish 20' out of the water. Sorry, no pics of the entertainment!

We had six boats this year at the PSCC raft-up, with Lars and Oden on Yare greeting us. Tor and Jess's kids are growing up so delightfully! We squeezed everyone onboard Simplicity for a great potluck dinner, and made it up for the fireworks, briefly. I wasn't raining or even foggy this year! Steve and Elsie did their usual great breakfast, and Kathleen got to play with Lars and Oden. Rob and Karen, on the Cal 39, Sail la Vie, and Wicked, Linda's Catalina 30, with Diane and Mark aboard, were the first to head out, into the very cold Northerly. We returned to Shilshole, before dark, and I got a shot of the moonrise over Turbulence, fun, but definitely not an Ansel Adams shot. What a great way to start the new year! If you missed this one, you missed a great weekend. Enjoy!

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