2015 PSCC Circumlocution

Race and Raft-up off Lemolo, WA

Montgomery 17

  Here at last, are pics from the epic PSCC race with Jim and Kathleen. We had a late start, sailed up the East side to set up for the tide and crossed paths with the early cruiser class doing the Protection Island race. Nice to see Francis Lee and Airloom, before crossed over to Port Madison (bay) trying to catch up with the fleet ahead. We blinked and missed the big boats motoring through Agate Pass. We figured we couldn't win, and should try for the Perservance Award. What a battle! We worked for every foot, and traded tacks and positions with the Montgomery 17, as they trained for the R2AK. Kathleen went below to make dinner - she was doing the full Dolmas dish, with grape leaves saved and pressed from last year. Jim & I played in the edge of the current with progress only in the eddy, missed a tack and did a 360 with the bow about 3' from shore. The Montgomery escaped, and we made it out of the pass. We put the spinnaker up, it rained, and the morale improved, as Kathleen fed us. We crawled past Keyport, under the finish line after 7:30pm and slowly motored to the raft-up with Mt. Ranier glowing in the distance. We earned that perseverance award! Kathleen brought her "left-overs" to the breakfast potluck on Osprey to much acclaim, "You would have won the hor'dorvers contest!" She just smiled, and said "Already won that one." We had a sweet sail home and docked, just before Chris and Jenifer, on their C&C 34 Carmanah. What a good trip! Thanks all!
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DSCF4463.jpg 4/25/15  9:29:01 AM
DSCF4471.jpg 4/25/15  11:40:01 AM
DSCF4477.jpg 4/25/15  11:49:39 AM
DSCF4482.jpg 4/25/15  1:32:28 PM
DSC_4633.jpg 4/25/15  2:13:08 PM
DSC_4635.jpg 4/25/15  2:15:53 PM
DSC_4638.jpg 4/25/15  2:17:45 PM
DSC_4639.jpg 4/25/15  2:20:52 PM
DSC_4643.jpg 4/25/15  2:23:37 PM
DSCF4488.jpg 4/25/15  2:30:03 PM
DSCF4491.jpg 4/25/15  3:58:48 PM
DSCF4494.jpg 4/25/15  5:06:24 PM
DSCF4496.jpg 4/25/15  5:09:33 PM
DSCF4503.jpg 4/25/15  5:20:30 PM
DSCF4510.jpg 4/25/15  7:27:10 PM
DSCF4516.jpg 4/25/15  7:38:00 PM
DSCF4519.jpg 4/25/15  7:55:25 PM
DSC_4651.jpg 4/25/15  8:01:59 PM
DSCF4531.jpg 4/26/15  8:37:34 AM
DSCF4539.jpg 4/26/15  8:47:53 AM
DSCF4540.jpg 4/26/15  8:47:59 AM
DSCF4545.jpg 4/26/15  8:52:26 AM
DSCF4547.jpg 4/26/15  8:55:15 AM
DSCF4560.jpg 4/26/15  9:03:49 AM
DSCF4563.jpg 4/26/15  9:04:37 AM
DSCF4571.jpg 4/26/15  9:09:49 AM
DSCF4578.jpg 4/26/15  9:23:02 AM
DSCF4580.jpg 4/26/15  9:30:00 AM
DSCF4583.jpg 4/26/15  9:31:06 AM
DSCF4585.jpg 4/26/15  9:32:23 AM
DSCF4592.jpg 4/26/15  9:42:12 AM
DSCF4600.jpg 4/26/15  11:04:55 AM
DSCF4605.jpg 4/26/15  11:20:22 AM
DSCF4609.jpg 4/26/15  12:59:32 PM
DSC_4658.jpg 4/26/15  1:04:58 PM
DSC_4661.jpg 4/26/15  1:08:06 PM
DSC_4662.jpg 4/26/15  1:19:30 PM
DSCF4613.jpg 4/26/15  1:58:02 PM
DSCF4617.jpg 4/26/15  1:59:03 PM
DSCF4627.jpg 4/26/15  3:54:52 PM