Coho Ho Ho Rally 2015

Provisioning with Ginger and Wendy

Ginger and Wendy

   Here's just a few pics, from the wonderful Coho provisioning evening at Dockside. Ginger circumnavigated and recently returned with fun and creepy, mud crab and bug stories. Wendy always has a few new tips to share, from their seven years in the South Pacific and return via Japan. What an interesting and entertaining evening. Thanks all!

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DSCF7239.jpg  6/16/15  6:49:49 PM
DSCF7243.jpg  6/16/15  6:52:53 PM
DSCF7244.jpg  6/16/15  6:55:16 PM
DSCF7252.jpg  6/16/15  6:57:17 PM
DSCF7255.jpg  6/16/15  6:58:24 PM
DSCF7264.jpg  6/16/15  7:19:07 PM
DSCF7269.jpg  6/16/15  7:24:00 PM