Coho Ho Ho Rally 2015

Pacific Coast Weather Seminar with Brad Baker

Brad Baker

   Brad Baker, of Swiftsure Yachts, is one of our corporate sponsors, and is a self described "weather geek". He's a very experienced racing and cruising sailor and has won the Vic Maui Race - Navigators Prize several times. It's always a pleasure to have his look at the Pacific Coast Weather. He shares details of isobars, grig weather sources, weather models, and sailing polars. Jessie from s/v Red Thread was back for a short update on their adventures. In 2015 we met at Dockside Solutions, another marine resource to support. Thanks all!

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DSCF8690.jpg  7/23/15  6:46:56 PM
DSCF8705.jpg   7/23/15   6:54:57 PM
DSCF8715.jpg  7/23/15   6:56:51 PM
DSCF8721.jpg  7/23/15   7:01:42 PM
DSCF8725.jpg  7/23/15   7:03:15 PM
DSCF8738.jpg  7/23/15   7:51:13 PM
DSCF8740.jpg  7/23/15   8:08:32 PM