PSCC Pumpkin Raft-up

October 29/30th, 2016

The Puget Sound Cruising Club traditionally does a Fall raft-up in Port Madison, with a great potluck dinner and pumpkin carving contest at the Port Madison Yacht Club. It's always a close, intimate, delightful trip, and the food is sure to be good. This year, it was wet, really wet, so we waited for a little sun break, and headed over with big clouds and small sprinkles. The Rum Run raft-up was just breaking up, and we found the PSCC raft-up in the back of the harbor. Our C&C 35-II Simplicity joined Natalie and Patrick's Velvet Hour,and Doug's Pegsus, both C&C LandFall 38's. It was fun to tease Steve. He & Elsie have the green boat, the well known Annapolis 44, Osprey. Next Ron and Susie arrived with their guests, Mark and Diane, on the big Nauticat 43 Tango, to tease us about a C&C sandwich. Even the raft-up process is fun. Check out the shots, and wait for the next meeting, to find out how to win the Pugnacious Pumpkin Award. I hope you enjoy the pics, and we see you next year! Thanks, Lee

DSCF1460.jpg  Oct 29th  3:40:17 PM
DSCF1471.jpg  Oct 29th  4:22:51 PM
DSCF1473.jpg  Oct 29th  4:22:51 PM
DSCF1474.jpg  Oct 29th  4:34:16 PM
DSCF1475.jpg  Oct 29th  4:40:23 PM
DSCF1480.jpg  Oct 29th  5:45:32 PM
DSCF1481.jpg  Oct 29th  5:49:08 PM
DSCF1482.jpg  Oct 29th  5:49:12 PM
DSCF1489.jpg  Oct 29th  5:51:41 PM
DSCF1492.jpg  Oct 29th  6:10:40 PM
DSCF1496.jpg  Oct 29th  6:11:48 PM
DSCF1498.jpg  Oct 29th  6:24:24 PM
DSCF1501.jpg  Oct 29th  6:32:02 PM
DSCF1506.jpg  Oct 29th  6:33:28 PM
DSCF1507.jpg  Oct 29th  6:33:42 PM
DSCF1509.jpg  Oct 29th  6:34:40 PM
DSCF1513.jpg  Oct 29th  6:37:54 PM
DSCF1521.jpg  Oct 29th  6:40:29 PM
DSCF1523.jpg  Oct 29th  6:41:00 PM
DSCF1525.jpg  Oct 29th  6:42:49 PM
DSCF1527.jpg  Oct 29th  6:45:14 PM
DSCF1529.jpg  Oct 29th  6:45:46 PM
DSCF1533.jpg  Oct 29th  6:54:08 PM
DSCF1536.jpg  Oct 29th  6:55:20 PM
DSCF1537.jpg  Oct 29th  6:56:15 PM
DSCF1539.jpg  Oct 29th  6:56:51 PM
DSCF1542.jpg  Oct 29th  7:01:36 PM
DSCF1543.jpg  Oct 29th  7:01:49 PM
DSCF1544.jpg  Oct 29th  7:04:04 PM
DSCF1548.jpg  Oct 29th  7:05:45 PM
DSCF1549.jpg  Oct 29th  7:06:27 PM
DSCF1552.jpg  Oct 29th  7:18:25 PM
DSCF1556.jpg  Oct 29th  7:22:45 PM
DSCF1557.jpg  Oct 29th  7:26:25 PM
DSCF1564.jpg  Oct 29th  7:58:25 PM
DSCF1566.jpg  Oct 29th  8:00:02 PM
DSCF1568.jpg  Oct 29th  8:11:15 PM
DSCF1571.jpg  Oct 29th  8:11:38 PM
DSCF1582.jpg  Oct 29th  8:40:27 PM
DSCF1584.jpg  Oct 29th  8:41:11 PM
DSCF1589.jpg  Oct 29th  8:45:53 PM
DSCF1599.jpg  Oct 29th  8:50:27 PM
DSCF1601.jpg  Oct 29th  8:59:35 PM
DSCF1603.jpg  Oct 30th  9:42:10 AM
DSCF1606.jpg  Oct 30th  10:20:17 AM
DSCF1608.jpg  Oct 30th  10:24:06 AM
DSCF1613.jpg  Oct 30th  10:30:41 AM
DSCF1617.jpg  Oct 30th  10:36:12 AM
DSCF1621.jpg  Oct 30th  10:38:11 AM
DSCF1624.jpg  Oct 30th  10:48:16 AM
DSCF1626.jpg  Oct 30th  10:54:44 AM
DSCF1627.jpg  Oct 30th  11:02:08 AM
DSCF1628.jpg  Oct 30th  11:02:11 AM
DSCF1630.jpg  Oct 30th  11:10:09 AM
DSCF1634.jpg  Oct 30th  11:35:46 AM
DSCF1636.jpg  Oct 30th  11:36:01 AM
DSCF1639.jpg  Oct 30th  11:40:23 AM
DSCF1641.jpg  Oct 30th  12:33:38 PM
DSCF1645.jpg  Oct 30th  1:01:50 PM
DSCF1647.jpg  Oct 30th  1:04:09 PM