Coho Ho Ho Rally

Rigging Seminar, Seattle
May 10th, 2016

The Coho Ho Ho Rally presents a series of seminars to help sailors prepare for the trip down the PNW coast. Lisa & Dan of Port Townsend Rigging came down to the Shilshole dock at CYC for the rigging survey on Caroline & Ryan's 40' Fontaine Pajot Catamaran. Almost as high as the spreaders, the crane deck was a great place to watch Dan work through the rigging. We went back to Fisheries Supply for a potluck dinner and the rest of the seminar, where Lisa explained rigging issues, like reefing tricks and proper offshore preventers. I hope you enjoy the pics! Thanks, Lee

DSCF5965.jpg  May 10th  1:11:00 PM
DSCF5971.jpg  May 10th  1:55:13 PM
DSCF5974.jpg  May 10th  1:57:13 PM
DSC_8486.jpg  May 10th  2:04:12 PM
DSCF5978.jpg  May 10th  2:08:29 PM
DSC_8499.jpg  May 10th  2:19:43 PM
DSC_8502.jpg  May 10th  2:50:01 PM
DSC_8508.jpg  May 10th  2:55:32 PM
DSC_8510.jpg  May 10th  2:57:04 PM
DSC_8512.jpg  May 10th  3:06:31 PM
DSC_8514.jpg  May 10th  3:07:30 PM
DSC_8521.jpg  May 10th  3:11:51 PM
DSC_8524.jpg  May 10th  3:15:58 PM
DSC_8528.jpg  May 10th  3:18:15 PM
DSC_8535.jpg  May 10th  3:24:42 PM
DSCF5984.jpg  May 10th  3:29:35 PM
DSC_8543.jpg  May 10th  3:39:41 PM
DSC_8549.jpg  May 10th  3:41:44 PM
DSCF5986.jpg  May 10th  3:41:46 PM
DSCF5988.jpg  May 10th  3:42:45 PM
DSCF5992.jpg  May 10th  3:44:20 PM
DSC_8556.jpg  May 10th  3:50:42 PM
DSC_8580.jpg  May 10th  3:54:20 PM
DSCF6006.jpg  May 10th  5:55:24 PM
DSCF6010.jpg  May 10th  6:17:31 PM
DSCF6014.jpg  May 10th  6:19:28 PM
DSC_8589.jpg  May 10th  6:40:30 PM
DSCF6022.jpg  May 10th  7:06:27 PM
DSC_8610.jpg  May 10th  7:09:36 PM
DSCF6034.jpg  May 10th  7:25:48 PM
DSC_8614.jpg  May 10th  7:27:42 PM
DSC_8620.jpg  May 10th  7:28:39 PM
DSC_8630.jpg  May 10th  7:57:54 PM
DSC_8634.jpg  May 10th  7:58:28 PM
DSC_8645.jpg  May 10th  8:07:46 PM
DSC_8655.jpg  May 10th  8:08:46 PM
DSC_8662.jpg  May 10th  8:09:51 PM
DSC_8674.jpg  May 10th  8:11:47 PM
DSC_8682.jpg  May 10th  8:13:10 PM