Coho Ho Ho Rally

Port Townsend Rigging - Field Trip
May 13-15th, 2016

For the last four years, I've been working, mostly behind the scenes, with The Coho Ho Ho Rally. We do an impressive series of seminars, field trip and raft-ups to help sailors prepare for the trip down the PNW coast. Kathleen & I sailed up to Port Townsend Friday afternoon, arriving with the local racers. Lisa & Dan of Port Townsend Rigging invited us up for a tour of their shop, and we watched the rigging survey on Bob & Pam's big Slocum 43. Of course food was involved, from the Blue Moose breakfast, Pam's boat Quesadillas, and dinner at Sirens. Sunday we went to the Northwest Maritime Center, where Ace taught an awesome radar class, using the training center for ship pilots. We had to duck out for the trip home, and off Kingston spotted David's wooden yawl Macaw. What a good weekend. I hope you enjoy the pics! Thanks, Lee

DSCF6046.jpg  May 13th  3:10 PM
DSC_8702.jpg  May 13th  3:55 PM
DSC_8707.jpg  May 13th  4:04 PM
DSCF6048.jpg  May 13th  4:19 PM
DSCF6052.jpg  May 13th  5:21 PM
DSCF6057.jpg  May 13th  6:45 PM
DSCF6070.jpg  May 13th  7:01 PM
DSCF6071.jpg  May 13th  7:05 PM
DSCF6079.jpg  May 13th  7:08 PM
DSC_8713.jpg  May 13th  7:18 PM
DSC_8720.jpg  May 13th  7:52 PM
DSCF6083.jpg  May 13th  8:08 PM
DSCF6093.jpg  May 13th  8:30 PM
DSCF6100.jpg  May 14th  9:07 AM
DSCF6104.jpg  May 14th  9:17 AM
DSC_8732.jpg  May 14th  9:59 AM
DSC_8734.jpg  May 14th  10:00 AM
DSC_8735.jpg  May 14th  10:00 AM
DSCF6115.jpg  May 14th  10:16 AM
DSCF6120.jpg  May 14th  10:20 AM
DSCF6122.jpg  May 14th  10:30 AM
DSCF6127.jpg  May 14th  10:32 AM
DSCF6133.jpg  May 14th  10:42 AM
DSC_8741.jpg  May 14th  10:46 AM
DSCF6147.jpg  May 14th  10:47 AM
DSCF6151.jpg  May 14th  10:51 AM
DSC_8744.jpg  May 14th  11:05 AM
DSC_8748.jpg  May 14th  11:06 AM
DSCF6161.jpg  May 14th  11:07 AM
DSCF6163.jpg  May 14th  11:10 AM
DSCF6168.jpg  May 14th  11:16 AM
DSC_8759.jpg  May 14th  11:20 AM
DSC_8761.jpg  May 14th  11:28 AM
DSC_8763.jpg  May 14th  11:32 AM
DSCF6180.jpg  May 14th  11:32 AM
DSCF6182.jpg  May 14th  11:42 AM
DSCF6185.jpg  May 14th  11:46 AM
DSCF6191.jpg  May 14th  11:55 AM
DSCF6192.jpg  May 14th  11:55 AM
DSCF6194.jpg  May 14th  11:58 AM
DSCF6195.jpg  May 14th  12:00 PM
DSC_8765.jpg  May 14th  12:13 PM
DSCF6198.jpg  May 14th  12:13 PM
DSC_8767.jpg  May 14th  12:15 PM
DSCF6206.jpg  May 14th  12:21 PM
DSC_8773.jpg  May 14th  12:47 PM
DSCF6211.jpg  May 14th  12:47 PM
DSC_8775.jpg  May 14th  12:50 PM
DSC_8778.jpg  May 14th  12:51 PM
DSC_8783.jpg  May 14th  12:52 PM
DSC_8784.jpg  May 14th  12:52 PM
DSC_8787.jpg  May 14th  12:54 PM
DSC_8790.jpg  May 14th  12:54 PM
DSC_8798.jpg  May 14th  12:56 PM
DSC_8808.jpg  May 14th  1:00 PM
DSC_8810.jpg  May 14th  1:12 PM
DSC_8813.jpg  May 14th  1:27 PM
DSC_8816.jpg  May 14th  1:31 PM
DSCF6220.jpg  May 14th  1:34 PM
DSCF6224.jpg  May 14th  1:52 PM
DSCF6229.jpg  May 14th  2:07 PM
DSCF6240.jpg  May 14th  2:09 PM
DSCF6246.jpg  May 14th  2:30 PM
DSCF6249.jpg  May 14th  7:52 PM
DSCF6251.jpg  May 14th  9:08 PM
DSCF6252.jpg  May 15th  9:35 AM
DSCF6255.jpg  May 15th  10:08 AM
DSCF6277.jpg  May 15th  10:23 AM
DSC_8832.jpg  May 15th  10:24 AM
DSC_8837.jpg  May 15th  10:26 AM
DSCF6284.jpg  May 15th  10:27 AM
DSCF6286.jpg  May 15th  10:27 AM
DSCF6287.jpg  May 15th  10:27 AM
DSCF6293.jpg  May 15th  10:41 AM
DSCF6298.jpg  May 15th  10:44 AM
DSCF6316.jpg  May 15th  10:59 AM
DSCF6318.jpg  May 15th  11:04 AM
DSC_8856.jpg  May 15th  2:27 PM
DSC_8864.jpg  May 15th  2:51 PM
DSCF6335.jpg  May 15th  2:58 PM
DSCF6336.jpg  May 15th  2:58 PM
DSCF6339.jpg  May 15th  2:59 PM
DSC_8873.jpg  May 15th  3:25 PM
DSC_8882.jpg  May 15th  4:59 PM