PSCC Raft-up Blakely Harbor

September 24th, 2016

With a nice sunny light-air day, we had fun PSCC Tequila race, not much of a race, but a great raft-up in Blakely Harbor. We had a late start with Adventuress, and arrived mid afternoon to find three boats already rafted. Seven boats made it, the biggest, the carbon fiber Trip 47, Celestial Trip, and the smallest the 32’ steel Tahiti Ketch, s/v Yare, both sailed from Hawaii to Alaska and back to Seattle this summer, yea! Scott & Donna on Celestial had professional crew aboard, prepared to race. Patrick & Natalie on the C &: C LF38 Velvet Hour, were back from three months of cruising the remote BC coast. Steve and Elsie went around Vancouver island, again this summer, and cat Jack was everywhere. I even caught Jack climbing into our anchor locker. Tony drove up from Olympia to vist the raft-up, and check out the boats. Jim brought Hans on his nice Tartan. Ross, just back from the offshore trip to San Diego, with Kam on Turbulence, arrived in time to make the toast of the evening. It was great to see Lars & Oden growing up, and Jess poured with smiles. We had good food, great company, and the traditional Osprey brunch. Wendy and Garth gave us a fine tour of their new boat construction. What a great group! Hope you enjoy the pics! Thanks All!

DSC_0632.jpg  Sat.  12:38:03 PM
DSC_0634.jpg  Sat.  12:38:56 PM
DSC_0641.jpg  Sat.  1:57:09 PM
DSC_0644.jpg  Sat.  2:12:51 PM
DSCF0899.jpg  Sat.  2:37:36 PM
DSCF0901.jpg  Sat.  2:42:33 PM
DSCF0904.jpg  Sat.  2:44:15 PM
DSC_0645.jpg  Sat.  2:47:37 PM
DSC_0648.jpg  Sat.  2:48:10 PM
DSC_0650.jpg  Sat.  2:48:40 PM
DSC_0651.jpg  Sat.  2:49:02 PM
DSC_0652.jpg  Sat.  2:49:07 PM
DSCF0908.jpg  Sat.  2:51:08 PM
DSCF0909.jpg  Sat.  2:52:58 PM
DSCF0910.jpg  Sat.  2:56:07 PM
DSC_0653.jpg  Sat.  3:10:49 PM
DSCF0914.jpg  Sat.  3:12:59 PM
DSCF0916.jpg  Sat.  3:16:41 PM
DSCF0917.jpg  Sat.  3:20:44 PM
DSCF0919.jpg  Sat.  3:35:17 PM
DSCF0921.jpg  Sat.  3:35:41 PM
DSCF0925.jpg  Sat.  3:37:47 PM
DSC_0654.jpg  Sat.  3:38:51 PM
DSC_0656.jpg  Sat.  3:39:23 PM
DSCF0926.jpg  Sat.  3:40:10 PM
DSC_0657.jpg  Sat.  3:43:18 PM
DSCF0928.jpg  Sat.  3:44:37 PM
DSCF0929.jpg  Sat.  3:47:37 PM
DSCF0931.jpg  Sat.  3:52:22 PM
DSCF0932.jpg  Sat.  3:53:09 PM
DSCF0933.jpg  Sat.  3:53:24 PM
DSC_0658.jpg  Sat.  3:56:23 PM
DSCF0934.jpg  Sat.  3:59:46 PM
DSCF0936.jpg  Sat.  4:00:30 PM
DSC_0660.jpg  Sat.  4:02:54 PM
DSCF0940.jpg  Sat.  4:07:32 PM
DSCF0941.jpg  Sat.  4:09:10 PM
DSCF0942.jpg  Sat.  4:11:31 PM
DSCF0943.jpg  Sat.  4:33:27 PM
DSCF0945.jpg  Sat.  4:40:12 PM
DSC_0664.jpg  Sat.  4:50:46 PM
DSC_0665.jpg  Sat.  4:51:36 PM
DSC_0666.jpg  Sat.  4:51:41 PM
DSCF0946.jpg  Sat.  5:05:32 PM
DSC_0667.jpg  Sat.  5:14:13 PM
DSCF0947.jpg  Sat.  5:21:28 PM
DSCF0950.jpg  Sat.  5:34:15 PM
DSCF0953.jpg  Sat.  5:35:36 PM
DSCF0954.jpg  Sat.  5:38:20 PM
DSCF0955.jpg  Sat.  5:38:55 PM
DSCF0956.jpg  Sat.  5:39:34 PM
DSCF0957.jpg  Sat.  5:40:18 PM
DSCF0959.jpg  Sat.  5:41:14 PM
DSCF0962.jpg  Sat.  5:41:30 PM
DSCF0964.jpg  Sat.  5:47:48 PM
DSCF0965.jpg  Sat.  5:48:41 PM
DSCF0967.jpg  Sat.  5:51:51 PM
DSCF0969.jpg  Sat.  5:54:03 PM
DSCF0970.jpg  Sat.  5:58:44 PM
DSCF0971.jpg  Sat.  6:05:03 PM
DSCF0972.jpg  Sat.  6:08:06 PM
DSCF0973.jpg  Sat.  6:11:32 PM
DSCF0974.jpg  Sat.  6:14:11 PM
DSCF0975.jpg  Sat.  6:14:14 PM
DSCF0977.jpg  Sat.  6:14:45 PM
DSCF0980.jpg  Sat.  6:15:56 PM
DSCF0984.jpg  Sat.  6:29:25 PM
DSCF0989.jpg  Sat.  6:37:29 PM
DSCF0990.jpg  Sat.  6:38:19 PM
DSCF0992.jpg  Sat.  6:46:14 PM
DSCF0994.jpg  Sun.  9:29:09 AM
DSCF0995.jpg  Sun.  9:29:30 AM
DSCF0998.jpg  Sun.  9:34:35 AM
DSCF1001.jpg  Sun.  9:40:15 AM
DSCF1002.jpg  Sun.  9:40:32 AM
DSCF1004.jpg  Sun.  9:50:11 AM
DSCF1006.jpg  Sun.  10:03:16 AM
DSCF1007.jpg  Sun.  10:06:17 AM
DSCF1009.jpg  Sun.  10:08:20 AM
DSCF1010.jpg  Sun.  10:14:44 AM
DSCF1013.jpg  Sun.  10:26:06 AM
DSCF1015.jpg  Sun.  10:43:26 AM
DSCF1020.jpg  Sun.  10:49:41 AM
DSCF1022.jpg  Sun.  11:21:23 AM
DSCF1025.jpg  Sun.  11:25:43 AM
DSCF1026.jpg  Sun.  11:42:15 AM
DSCF1030.jpg  Sun.  11:43:08 AM
DSCF1036.jpg  Sun.  11:48:15 AM
DSCF1044.jpg  Sun.  11:52:42 AM
DSCF1045.jpg  Sun.  11:53:27 AM
DSCF1046.jpg  Sun.  11:57:15 AM
DSCF1050.jpg  Sun.  11:59:42 AM
DSCF1051.jpg  Sun.  11:59:57 AM
DSCF1052.jpg  Sun.  12:00:19 PM
DSCF1054.jpg  Sun.  12:01:15 PM
DSCF1057.jpg  Sun.  12:02:59 PM
DSCF1059.jpg  Sun.  12:03:43 PM
DSCF1061.jpg  Sun.  12:08:02 PM
DSCF1066.jpg  Sun.  12:13:27 PM
DSCF1068.jpg  Sun.  12:14:33 PM
DSCF1070.jpg  Sun.  12:17:18 PM
DSCF1077.jpg  Sun.  12:41:01 PM
DSCF1078.jpg  Sun.  12:51:10 PM
DSCF1081.jpg  Sun.  12:52:51 PM
DSCF1084.jpg  Sun.  12:55:41 PM
DSCF1087.jpg  Sun.  12:55:41 PM
DSCF1089.jpg  Sun.  1:14:22 PM
DSCF1092.jpg  Sun.  1:18:00 PM
DSCF1098.jpg  Sun.  1:22:02 PM
DSC_0669.jpg  Sun.  1:54:06 PM
DSC_0676.jpg  Sun.  2:16:38 PM
DSC_0678.jpg  Sun.  3:38:32 PM
DSC_0680.jpg  Sun.  3:43:54 PM
DSC_0682.jpg  Sun.  3:55:54 PM
DSC_0684.jpg  Sun.  3:56:08 PM
DSCF1103.jpg  Mon.  10:34:07 AM
DSCF1106.jpg  Mon.  10:52:38 AM
DSC_0687.jpg  Mon.  11:22:12 AM
DSC_0690.jpg  Mon.  11:22:25 AM
DSC_0691.jpg  Mon.  11:22:25 AM