2017 Coho Ho Ho

Kick-off at Captains Supply  March 18th

Captains Supply

What a great way to start off an new Coho Rally! This year we had folks signing up from Woodenville to Olympia, Canada and Portland, and many made it to the Kick-off party. It was fun seeing cruisers talking about their boats, projects, and all the kids in the mix. We had a fine potluck. I was outside cooking the salmon, running the food in, and trying to get a few shots when I could. It's a good start. . .

Thanks all!   (Click on a image below for a "slide show" - arrow keys work well.)

DSCF5546.jpg  1:55:58 PM
DSCF5550.jpg  2:54:09 PM
DSCF5551.jpg  3:03:29 PM
DSCF5554.jpg  3:55:20 PM
DSCF5555.jpg  4:05:13 PM
DSCF5556.jpg  4:05:28 PM
DSCF5557.jpg  4:05:44 PM
DSCF5563.jpg  4:07:10 PM
DSCF5565.jpg  4:09:06 PM
DSCF5567.jpg  4:11:11 PM
DSCF5569.jpg  4:11:30 PM
DSCF5570.jpg  4:11:38 PM
DSCF5571.jpg  4:12:08 PM
DSCF5572.jpg  4:12:36 PM
DSCF5573.jpg  4:13:06 PM
DSCF5574.jpg  4:13:20 PM
DSCF5575.jpg  4:13:50 PM
DSCF5578.jpg  4:14:47 PM
DSCF5579.jpg  4:16:44 PM
DSCF5580.jpg  4:25:11 PM
DSCF5581.jpg  4:25:11 PM
DSCF5583.jpg  4:29:55 PM
DSCF5585.jpg  4:30:05 PM
DSCF5586.jpg  4:30:09 PM
DSCF5588.jpg  4:31:08 PM
DSCF5590.jpg  4:32:48 PM
DSCF5591.jpg  4:40:19 PM