2017 Coho Ho Ho

Captains, Good, Bad, & Ugly by Skip Anderson
at the Fisheries Supply Training Room, March 21st

Skip Anderson

The Coho Ho Ho Rally is fortunate to have Captain Skip Anderson, Director of Flagship Maritime Training start our seminar series. Captain Skip Anderson, gave us a great discussion of a lot of different characters, entertainingly called captains. In the process, he gave us a lot to think about; trust, responsibility and character. "The seaworthiness of a vessel, by definition, includes the character, integrity, skills, and experience of her Captain. The trust and responsibility that crew and passengers place in their Captain as a guardian of trust is extraordinary. At Flagship, we embrace that responsibility with the respect and seriousness that is not only expected, but is earned as a fellow mariner." Skip Anderson. Thanks to Alex and the crew at Fisheries Supply for their suggestions and the use of their training room.

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