PSCC Phinney Bay Trip

March 25 & 26th, 2017

s/v Turbulence, Seattle.

We waited till the rain stopped and took off for Phinney Bay after noon, crossed over to the Bainbridge side, and tacked down the West side to Blakely Rock. Near Restoration Point, we were hit by a quick little squall. Ross and Kam on the Pretorian s/v Turbulence came out of the rain from the Seattle side, and passed us before Rich Passage. We motored past Bremerton, under the bridges and into Phinney Bay at sunset, a long day. We buzzed by Cat Shot II, didn't wake Doc Anderson, and rafted to Turbulence. We had a nice dinner with Ross & Kam, and breakfast on Simplicity. Sunday turned out to be a long slog home in the rain, and we made it home before 5pm. It was nice to be off the dock, but we won't plan this trip early in the season again. . . (Click on a image below for a "slide show" - arrow keys should work well.)

DSCF5794.jpg  Sat.   1:52:58 PM
DSCF5796.jpg  Sat.   1:53:18 PM
DSCF5798.jpg  Sat.   2:05:00 PM
DSCF5800.jpg  Sat.   2:14:49 PM
DSCF5801.jpg  Sat.   2:15:12 PM
DSCF5802.jpg  Sat.   2:15:18 PM
DSCF5805.jpg  Sat.   2:44:17 PM
DSCF5812.jpg  Sat.   3:13:29 PM
DSCF5814.jpg  Sat.   3:15:49 PM
DSCF5818.jpg  Sat.   3:49:28 PM
DSCF5821.jpg  Sat.   3:49:48 PM
DSCF5822.jpg  Sat.   3:49:54 PM
DSCF5825.jpg  Sat.   3:58:42 PM
DSCF5827.jpg  Sat.   3:58:54 PM
DSCF5828.jpg  Sat.   4:23:51 PM
DSCF5830.jpg  Sat.   4:24:08 PM
DSCF5835.jpg  Sat.   4:54:11 PM
DSCF5837.jpg  Sat.   4:55:20 PM
DSCF5838.jpg  Sat.   4:55:33 PM
DSCF5844.jpg  Sat.   5:09:47 PM
DSCF5846.jpg  Sat.   5:11:12 PM
DSCF5847.jpg  Sat.   5:24:42 PM
DSCF5848.jpg  Sat.   5:28:30 PM
DSCF5849.jpg  Sat.   6:15:44 PM
DSCF5851.jpg  Sat.   6:21:17 PM
DSCF5854.jpg  Sat.   6:25:28 PM
DSCF5856.jpg  Sat.   6:28:28 PM
DSCF5857.jpg  Sat.   6:45:09 PM
DSCF5863.jpg  Sat.   6:46:16 PM
DSCF5864.jpg  Sat.   6:46:48 PM
DSCF5865.jpg  Sat.   6:50:19 PM
DSCF5867.jpg  Sat.   6:50:55 PM
DSCF5868.jpg  Sat.   7:06:07 PM
DSCF5870.jpg  Sat.   7:27:33 PM
DSCF5872.jpg  Sat.   7:27:40 PM
DSCF5876.jpg  Sat.   10:31:50 PM
DSCF5879.jpg  Sun.   9:42:08 AM
DSCF5881.jpg  Sun.   10:00:22 AM
DSCF5882.jpg  Sun.   12:10:32 PM
DSCF5885.jpg  Sun.   12:13:08 PM
DSCF5886.jpg  Sun.   12:21:48 PM
DSCF5887.jpg  Sun.   12:21:59 PM
DSCF5890.jpg  Sun.   12:36:31 PM
DSCF5891.jpg  Sun.   12:40:15 PM
DSCF5894.jpg  Sun.   12:50:13 PM
DSCF5896.jpg  Sun.   12:50:53 PM
DSCF5898.jpg  Sun.   12:52:16 PM
DSCF5902.jpg  Sun.   1:33:48 PM
DSCF5905.jpg  Sun.   1:37:22 PM
DSCF5908.jpg  Sun.   1:58:27 PM
DSCF5910.jpg  Sun.   2:03:03 PM
DSCF5913.jpg  Sun.   2:05:22 PM
DSCF5914.jpg  Sun.   2:08:07 PM
DSCF5916.jpg  Sun.   2:24:56 PM
DSCF5918.jpg  Sun.   2:30:08 PM
DSCF5919.jpg  Sun.   4:28:41 PM