2017 Coho Ho Ho

Night Navigation by Ace Spragg
at the Fisheries Supply, April 18th


Carolyn "Ace" Spragg came down from Port Townsend where she works with the Northwest Maritime Center. An enthusiastic and experienced sailor, Ace is always delightful, and an animated instructor. She teaches professional mariners radar skills in the NMC simulator room in Port Townsend, and had plenty of good stories and helpful info. Thanks to Alex and the crew at Fisheries Supply for their galley suggestions and the use of their training room.

Thanks all!   (Click on a image below for a "slide show" - arrow keys work well.)

DSCF6500.jpg  5:56:13 PM
DSCF6505.jpg  6:15:37 PM
DSCF6507.jpg  6:25:44 PM
DSCF6509.jpg  6:38:08 PM
DSCF6515.jpg  6:42:03 PM
DSCF6518.jpg  6:43:18 PM
DSCF6520.jpg  6:43:33 PM
DSCF6522.jpg  6:44:07 PM
DSCF6524.jpg  6:44:14 PM
DSCF6530.jpg  6:46:24 PM
DSCF6532.jpg  6:55:43 PM
DSCF6533.jpg  6:56:14 PM
DSCF6535.jpg  6:57:07 PM
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DSCF6550.jpg  7:00:26 PM
DSCF6552.jpg  7:00:40 PM
DSCF6555.jpg  7:01:20 PM
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DSCF6562.jpg  7:02:45 PM