2017 Coho Raft-Up

Blakely Harbor April 22-23rd.

Raft-up boats

This year I got a ride to the raft-up on Julie and Curtis's s/v Manna, the big Tayana 48. It was a pretty wet motor trip down, and we didn't find wind till close to the harbor entrance. Richard and Devon on the blue Jeanneau 45 s/v Mobert had come down earlier, and had a massive anchor set. Within minutes, White Raven, Rick and Suzies Cavalier 45 was rafting on the other side of Mobert. Then Jan and David on the Wauquiez 43PH s/v Severance, anchored and rafted too. We did boat tours, Bryce got to zip around on the new dinghy and took me out for a shot of the raft. Richard flew his drone, and we all piled on Mobert for dinner, nice spread! The girls, Morgan & Ellie wanted to play Uno till bed time. We got to figure out how to install the in-mast main on Mobert too. Sunday White Raven was off early - they had to hump down to Olympia. The girls found more Uno sufflers, and I got to ride back to Shilshole on Mobert. What a nice weekend, good folks, food, stories, learning and camaraderie. Thanks all!
(Click on a image below for a "slide show" - swiping or arrow keys should work well.)

DSC_1183.jpg  Saturday  11:38 02AM
DSCF6624.jpg  Saturday  12:17 34PM
DSCF6625.jpg  Saturday  12:28 04PM
DSCF6626.jpg  Saturday  12:34 20PM
DSC_1186.jpg  Saturday  1:14 13PM
DSCF6628.jpg  Saturday  1:19 18PM
DSCF6629.jpg  Saturday  1:23 40PM
DSCF6632.jpg  Saturday  1:28 43PM
DSCF6636.jpg  Saturday  1:44 27PM
DSCF6641.jpg  Saturday  1:45 45PM
DSCF6642.jpg  Saturday  1:46 25PM
DSCF6644.jpg  Saturday  1:47 07PM
DSCF6646.jpg  Saturday  1:51 35PM
DSC_1191.jpg  Saturday  1:54 07PM
DSCF6647.jpg  Saturday  1:55 04PM
DSC_1194.jpg  Saturday  1:55 23PM
DSC_1195.jpg  Saturday  2:01 55PM
DSC_1199.jpg  Saturday  2:03 39PM
DSCF6648.jpg  Saturday  2:03 47PM
DSCF6649.jpg  Saturday  2:08 47PM
DSCF6650.jpg  Saturday  2:08 55PM
DSCF6651.jpg  Saturday  2:13 58PM
DSCF6652.jpg  Saturday  2:14 38PM
DSCF6657.jpg  Saturday  2:25 46PM
DSCF6660.jpg  Saturday  2:39 48PM
DSCF6662.jpg  Saturday  2:44 23PM
DSCF6664.jpg  Saturday  2:44 44PM
DSCF6665.jpg  Saturday  2:44 52PM
DSCF6670.jpg  Saturday  2:46 31PM
DSCF6672.jpg  Saturday  2:56 52PM
DSCF6675.jpg  Saturday  3:03 38PM
DSCF6676.jpg  Saturday  3:05 58PM
DSCF6677.jpg  Saturday  3:17 15PM
DSCF6687.jpg  Saturday  3:50 19PM
DSCF6689.jpg  Saturday  3:52 03PM
DSCF6691.jpg  Saturday  4:07 46PM
DSCF6693.jpg  Saturday  4:16 37PM
DSCF6694.jpg  Saturday  4:16 37PM
DSCF6697.jpg  Saturday  4:52 51PM
DSCF6701.jpg  Saturday  4:53 43PM
DSCF6705.jpg  Saturday  4:54 11PM
DSCF6706.jpg  Saturday  4:54 14PM
DSCF6711.jpg  Saturday  4:55 52PM
DSCF6719.jpg  Saturday  5:05 47PM
DSCF6720.jpg  Saturday  5:05 54PM
DSCF6721.jpg  Saturday  5:06 15PM
DSCF6723.jpg  Saturday  5:08 16PM
DSCF6726.jpg  Saturday  5:12 27PM
DSC_1203.jpg  Saturday  5:23 14PM
DSCF6732.jpg  Saturday  5:27 12PM
DSCF6734.jpg  Saturday  5:27 12PM
DSC_1211.jpg  Saturday  5:38 22PM
DSC_1213.jpg  Saturday  5:39 16PM
DSC_1214.jpg  Saturday  5:39 26PM
DSC_1218.jpg  Saturday  5:41 21PM
DSCF6737.jpg  Saturday  6:04 47PM
DSCF6739.jpg  Saturday  6:06 05PM
DSCF6740.jpg  Saturday  6:06 44PM
DSC_1219.jpg  Saturday  6:08 20PM
DSCF6741.jpg  Saturday  7:01 40PM
DSCF6743.jpg  Saturday  7:05 07PM
DSCF6744.jpg  Saturday  7:05 12PM
DSCF6748.jpg  Saturday  7:24 51PM
DSCF6750.jpg  Saturday  7:25 09PM
DSCF6751.jpg  Saturday  7:29 30PM
Apr 23, 2017, Sunday
DSCF6754.jpg  Sunday  8:02 01AM
DSCF6755.jpg  Sunday  8:02 16AM
DSCF6758.jpg  Sunday  8:02 47AM
DSCF6762.jpg  Sunday  8:06 16AM
DSCF6763.jpg  Sunday  8:06 31AM
DSCF6765.jpg  Sunday  8:15 40AM
DSCF6770.jpg  Sunday  9:18 31AM
DSCF6776.jpg  Sunday  10:22 35AM
DSCF6781.jpg  Sunday  10:42 56AM
DSCF6783.jpg  Sunday  10:48 43AM
DSCF6785.jpg  Sunday  10:49 13AM
DSCF6786.jpg  Sunday  10:56 08AM
DSCF6788.jpg  Sunday  11:02 31AM
DSCF6789.jpg  Sunday  11:04 08AM
DSCF6790.jpg  Sunday  11:04 34AM
DSCF6794.jpg  Sunday  11:14 47AM
DSCF6798.jpg  Sunday  12:00 51PM
DSCF6799.jpg  Sunday  12:06 56PM
DSCF6800.jpg  Sunday  12:09 20PM
DSCF6802.jpg  Sunday  12:21 52PM
DSCF6804.jpg  Sunday  12:23 15PM
DSCF6805.jpg  Sunday  12:24 28PM
DSCF6807.jpg  Sunday  12:28 12PM
DSCF6808.jpg  Sunday  12:28 14PM
DSCF6810.jpg  Sunday  12:48 46PM