2017 PSCC Circumlocution

Lemolo Raft-Up April 29-30th

Raft-up boats

We were't racing, didn't get off the dock till 3pm, and had a fine sail over to Agate Pass. Kathleen went below to warm up, and prep food. I sailed into the pass, with plenty of current pushing us through, expecting a much easier time, than when we worked for hours to sail through and win the Perseverence Award. Well, when I stared in, the wind was blowing 11 knots and by the time we got to the bridge things had gotten pretty wild. We were only a little over-powered, with the wind blowing straight through the pass! Kathleen had to come up, start the engine, and drive so I could roll up the genoa. As we motor sailed South, you could see the wind against current, setting up waves, out to the reef day-mark. The windspeed indicator was reading 25 true, and we had to be doing at least 9 knots with the 5 knot current. That made over 30 apparent, but only bouncy for a few minutes. We motor sailed to the 6-boat raft-up, arriving about 6pm, with Bob yelling "What are you doing, it isn't even dark yet!" - an old joke. We arrived after dark, for years on our C&C 27, and will never hear the end of it. . .

Everyone was in Doc's big catamaran, Cat Shot II, for the hors d'oeuvres dinner. Alan was already interviewing everyone, and planning speakers for next year. He and Michelle will be great new PSCC Commodores! Sheryl & Mike, on Raven Dancer, took the Perseverence Award with great grins. Patrick single handed the C&C LF38, Violet Hour, winning the Circumlocution Race and the "Horrors de hoover" award for his "pigs in a blanket". Steve and Elsie brought their ships bell, and virtual-paper awards, for a fun evening. I stepped out as the light changed and a brief rainbow formed.

As usual, we met for breakfast at 9:30 on Osprey the Annapolis 44, home of Steves famous gallimaufry. With all the good food, we were actually quiet for a minute. Then Bob had us all in stitches with his jokes, ask about his Walmart medical test. Everyone had stories and laughs to share, accept the cat Jack who stayed on the shelf. Folks need to leave, Nora & Bob on the Yamaha 37 were off first, followed by Michelle and Alan on the Pacific Seacraft PH31, Corps of Discovery. By noon most of the anchors were up, and people headed home. We motored back through Agate Pass, an easy trip and sailed most of the way home, another nice PSCC cruise. Thanks all!   (Click on a image below for a "slide show" - arrow keys work well.)

DSCF7238.jpg  Sat.  3:45:30 PM
DSCF7242.jpg  Sat.  4:52:05 PM
DSCF7246.jpg  Sat.  5:26:31 PM
DSCF7248.jpg  Sat.  5:39:38 PM
DSCF7252.jpg  Sat.  5:41:37 PM
DSCF7256.jpg  Sat.  6:55:43 PM
DSCF7258.jpg  Sat.  7:01:18 PM
DSCF7263.jpg  Sat.  7:23:29 PM
DSCF7266.jpg  Sat.  7:23:49 PM
DSCF7268.jpg  Sat.  7:28:27 PM
DSCF7269.jpg  Sat.  7:28:54 PM
DSCF7271.jpg  Sat.  7:46:30 PM
DSCF7275.jpg  Sat.  7:54:25 PM
DSCF7276.jpg  Sat.  7:54:38 PM
DSCF7280.jpg  Sat.  8:10:57 PM
DSCF7285.jpg  Sat.  8:20:39 PM
DSCF7286.jpg  Sat.  8:20:49 PM
DSCF7288.jpg  Sat.  8:22:01 PM
DSCF7290.jpg  Sat.  8:22:42 PM
DSCF7294.jpg  Sun.  9:29:05 AM
DSCF7295.jpg  Sun.  9:31:13 AM
DSCF7297.jpg  Sun.  9:32:34 AM
DSCF7300.jpg  Sun.  9:34:25 AM
DSCF7301.jpg  Sun.  9:40:15 AM
DSCF7306.jpg  Sun.  9:46:08 AM
DSCF7311.jpg  Sun.  9:47:24 AM
DSCF7319.jpg  Sun.  10:07:46 AM
DSCF7313.jpg  Sun.  10:07:46 AM
DSCF7327.jpg  Sun.  10:15:10 AM
DSCF7326.jpg  Sun.  10:15:10 AM
DSCF7329.jpg  Sun.  10:19:15 AM
DSCF7333.jpg  Sun.  10:21:51 AM
DSCF7337.jpg  Sun.  10:23:41 AM
DSCF7339.jpg  Sun.  10:28:14 AM
DSCF7341.jpg  Sun.  11:16:22 AM
DSCF7345.jpg  Sun.  11:17:20 AM
DSCF7346.jpg  Sun.  11:22:19 AM
DSCF7347.jpg  Sun.  11:22:36 AM
DSCF7350.jpg  Sun.  11:23:43 AM
DSCF7354.jpg  Sun.  11:27:53 AM
DSCF7355.jpg  Sun.  11:28:58 AM
DSCF7359.jpg  Sun.  12:02:34 PM
DSC_1227.jpg  Sun.  12:17:02 PM
DSC_1229.jpg  Sun.  12:18:20 PM
DSC_1232.jpg  Sun.  12:22:05 PM
DSC_1238.jpg  Sun.  12:24:37 PM
DSCF7362.jpg  Sun.  12:55:57 PM
DSC_1252.jpg  Sun.  1:28:24 PM
DSC_1255.jpg  Sun.  1:29:08 PM
DSC_1260.jpg  Sun.  2:16:36 PM
DSC_1261.jpg  Sun.  2:18:14 PM
DSC_1263.jpg  Sun.  2:36:14 PM
DSCF7367.jpg  Sun.  3:37:12 PM
DSCF7368.jpg  Sun.  3:37:44 PM