2017 Coho Rigging Seminar

CYC - Shilshole  May 2nd

Dan in Rig

Dan and Lisa, from Port Townsend Rigging came down to do a rig survey on David's Wauquiez 43PH, s/v Severance at the Shilshole cranes, North of the Corinthian Yacht Club building. It's a great place to see what he's talking about up in the rig. Folks got to hear about, and see the kinds of things, he's looking for, from "wear and tear" and load vectors to bending cotter pins, all so the Coho Participants will know more about their boats, as they prepare to go down the coast. As usual, Lisa is a great explainer, and discussed more issues like chainplates after the potluck dinner.

Thanks all!   (Click on a image below for a "slide show" - arrow keys work well.)

DSC_1264.jpg  2:05:07PM
DSC_1265.jpg  2:06:23PM
DSC_1270.jpg  2:13:49PM
DSC_1275.jpg  2:15:51PM
DSC_1284.jpg  2:41:58PM
DSC_1285.jpg  2:46:29PM
DSC_1287.jpg  2:46:38PM
DSC_1293.jpg  3:02:18PM
DSC_1297.jpg  3:03:10PM
DSC_1304.jpg  3:09:09PM
DSC_1310.jpg  3:11:43PM
DSC_1319.jpg  3:16:21PM
DSC_1327.jpg  3:29:09PM
DSC_1331.jpg  3:38:54PM
DSC_1333.jpg  3:40:05PM
DSC_1335.jpg  3:51:14PM
DSC_1339.jpg  3:52:01PM
DSC_1340.jpg  4:04:22PM
DSC_1341.jpg  4:05:22PM
DSC_1342.jpg  4:06:44PM
DSC_1347.jpg  4:08:45PM
DSC_1350.jpg  4:25:02PM
DSC_1352.jpg  4:26:37PM
DSC_1353.jpg  4:29:19PM
DSC_1354.jpg  4:31:57PM
DSC_1362.jpg  6:27:21PM
DSC_1368.jpg  6:28:26PM
DSC_1376.jpg  6:31:55PM
DSC_1378.jpg  6:32:00PM
DSC_1379.jpg  6:39:43PM
DSC_1380.jpg  6:39:58PM