2017 Coho Ho Ho

Offshore First Aid by Ken Fabert
at the Fisheries Supply, May 9th

Ken Fabert

Ken Fabert is a doctor, sailor and offshore racer. His medical experience has taken him from New Zealand to Silverdale, and his practical approach to what you can do, often with minimal materials, was very helpful for the Coho Rally Runners. Ken covered the kinds of typical problems offshore sailors are actually likely to expect, what can kill you, and even what you likely can't handle. From vitals to hyperthermia and seasickness, he worked through helpful scenarios and thoughtful decisions. Wear your life jacket! I think most everybody learned a lot and may stress less, another surprisingly fun seminar! Again, thanks to Fisheries Supply for the use of their training room.

Thanks all!   (Click on a image below for a "slide show" - arrow keys work well.)

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