Coho Ho Ho Captains

Meeting at Jolly Roger Taproom

June 27th, 2017th

Pacific Maritime meeting

These last few meetings are for the Captains and crews going down the coast this year. We are trying to finalize communications, weather info systems, inReach tracking and give folks another chance to talk about their projects and questions. It's a good time for boats to sort out their boat speeds and buddy with another leaving at the same time. Doug's daughter made this meeting too. We are delighted to meet at sponsor Pacific Maritime's Jolly Roger Taproom.

Here's a few pics from the evening. . .  Thanks all!   (Click on a image below for a "slide show" - arrow keys work well.)

DSC_2827.jpg  7:15:30 PM
DSC_2839.jpg  7:19:14 PM
DSC_2841.jpg  7:21:04 PM
DSC_2848.jpg  7:23:57 PM
DSC_2849.jpg  7:24:19 PM
DSC_2852.jpg  7:24:45 PM
DSCF9415.jpg  7:29:24 PM
DSC_2854.jpg  7:32:10 PM
DSCF9421.jpg  7:54:37 PM
DSCF9423.jpg  7:56:24 PM
DSCF9425.jpg  7:56:40 PM
DSCF9427.jpg  7:57:01 PM
DSCF9429.jpg  7:57:17 PM
DSCF9432.jpg  8:03:57 PM
DSCF9440.jpg  8:11:16 PM
DSC_2873.jpg  8:38:07 PM