PSCC Blakely Harbor

Tequila Race Raft-up
September 23, 2017

s/v Bardo leaving the Tequila Race Raft-up

The cruising club does an annual Fall race around Blake Island - when there's wind. We where not racing, so we fueled, pumped out, and left Shilshole after Split Crow. Wow, check out Cary's nice new spinnaker! When we got to Blakely Harbor there were five boats rafted up already. Karen on Panta Rhei was waving. Yea, they've been cruising for 7 years! Violet Hour, Osprey, Bardo and Red Hot were rafted with them. Soon, Michael on Caelestis, and Lani on Balance anchored out and joined us. Split Crow and Red Hot both had the big dogs. Jim on Nea Mara brought experienced crew and cook, Hans and Andrew. I missed the crew names on Amore and Bardo, was pleased to see Kent and Katie on Amber Eve again, and Mike and Nita came out by dinghy. Larry was telling Patrick & Natalie NZ travel stories when the sun went down. What a great evening. Of course, we had a fine breakfast potluck, with Steve's gallimaufry, another tradition. Steve and Elsie pulled up Red Hot's anchor, but Shez got it off quickly. We had a calm night and made it back before the real rain, a nice weekend. Thanks all!     (Click on a image below for a larger image "slide show" - arrow keys work well.)

DSCF1446.jpg  Sat.  1:36:35 PM
DSCF1450.jpg  Sat.  2:32:10 PM
DSCF1452.jpg  Sat.  2:32:20 PM
DSCF1453.jpg  Sat.  2:32:34 PM
DSCF1457.jpg  Sat.  2:51:42 PM
DSCF1463.jpg  Sat.  3:32:45 PM
DSCF1465.jpg  Sat.  3:36:08 PM
DSCF1466.jpg  Sat.  3:37:10 PM
DSCF1467.jpg  Sat.  3:38:38 PM
DSCF1470.jpg  Sat.  4:00:13 PM
DSCF1472.jpg  Sat.  4:00:33 PM
DSCF1474.jpg  Sat.  4:00:58 PM
DSC_4660.jpg  Sat.  4:10:15 PM
DSC_4664.jpg  Sat.  4:12:01 PM
DSC_4666.jpg  Sat.  4:12:17 PM
DSCF1476.jpg  Sat.  4:37:43 PM
DSCF1480.jpg  Sat.  4:40:17 PM
DSCF1482.jpg  Sat.  4:41:24 PM
DSCF1483.jpg  Sat.  4:45:17 PM
DSC_4668.jpg  Sat.  4:48:27 PM
DSC_4671.jpg  Sat.  4:48:53 PM
DSC_4673.jpg  Sat.  4:49:02 PM
DSC_4674.jpg  Sat.  4:49:15 PM
DSC_4676.jpg  Sat.  5:00:49 PM
DSC_4677.jpg  Sat.  5:06:44 PM
DSC_4678.jpg  Sat.  5:06:55 PM
DSCF1484.jpg  Sat.  5:18:12 PM
DSC_4681.jpg  Sat.  5:27:54 PM
DSCF1487.jpg  Sat.  5:35:21 PM
DSCF1490.jpg  Sat.  5:39:46 PM
DSCF1491.jpg  Sat.  5:40:32 PM
DSCF1492.jpg  Sat.  5:40:35 PM
DSCF1494.jpg  Sat.  5:41:59 PM
DSCF1501.jpg  Sat.  5:44:12 PM
DSCF1504.jpg  Sat.  5:44:34 PM
DSC_4684.jpg  Sat.  5:45:16 PM
DSC_4685.jpg  Sat.  5:47:00 PM
DSCF1506.jpg  Sat.  6:03:13 PM
DSC_4689.jpg  Sat.  6:03:34 PM
DSC_4691.jpg  Sat.  6:03:44 PM
DSC_4690.jpg  Sat.  6:03:44 PM
DSCF1509.jpg  Sat.  6:09:19 PM
DSCF1511.jpg  Sat.  6:13:24 PM
DSC_4693.jpg  Sat.  6:13:36 PM
DSC_4694.jpg  Sat.  6:14:14 PM
DSC_4699.jpg  Sat.  6:18:47 PM
DSC_4700.jpg  Sat.  6:22:28 PM
DSC_4705.jpg  Sat.  6:22:55 PM
DSCF1516.jpg  Sat.  6:23:55 PM
DSC_4707.jpg  Sat.  6:24:11 PM
DSCF1518.jpg  Sat.  6:24:12 PM
DSC_4709.jpg  Sat.  6:24:32 PM
DSC_4710.jpg  Sat.  6:24:40 PM
DSCF1520.jpg  Sat.  6:25:18 PM
DSC_4711.jpg  Sat.  6:26:15 PM
DSC_4713.jpg  Sat.  6:26:40 PM
DSC_4714.jpg  Sat.  6:26:59 PM
DSC_4716.jpg  Sat.  6:27:00 PM
DSC_4722.jpg  Sat.  6:28:46 PM
DSC_4728.jpg  Sat.  6:30:17 PM
DSC_4729.jpg  Sat.  6:31:00 PM
DSC_4730.jpg  Sat.  6:31:07 PM
DSC_4731.jpg  Sat.  6:33:03 PM
DSC_4734.jpg  Sat.  6:35:20 PM
DSCF1526.jpg  Sat.  6:45:38 PM
DSCF1529.jpg  Sat.  6:49:26 PM
DSCF1530.jpg  Sat.  6:51:30 PM
DSCF1531.jpg  Sat.  6:52:00 PM
DSCF1538.jpg  Sat.  7:14:32 PM
DSCF1540.jpg  Sat.  7:14:59 PM
DSC_4747.jpg  Sat.  7:16:38 PM
DSC_4750.jpg  Sat.  7:17:01 PM
DSC_4754.jpg  Sat.  7:18:01 PM
DSC_4758.jpg  Sat.  7:24:12 PM
DSC_4762.jpg  Sat.  7:27:12 PM
DSC_4765.jpg  Sat.  7:29:13 PM
DSCF1548.jpg  Sat.  7:53:36 PM
DSCF1549.jpg  Sat.  7:53:44 PM
DSCF1553.jpg  Sat.  7:55:09 PM
DSC_4768.jpg  Sun.  9:30:12 AM
DSCF1556.jpg  Sun.  9:32:18 AM
DSC_4769.jpg  Sun.  9:32:48 AM
DSCF1559.jpg  Sun.  9:33:21 AM
DSCF1562.jpg  Sun.  9:46:38 AM
DSC_4770.jpg  Sun.  9:47:10 AM
DSC_4772.jpg  Sun.  9:47:15 AM
DSCF1563.jpg  Sun.  9:54:54 AM
DSCF1564.jpg  Sun.  10:05:27 AM
DSCF1565.jpg  Sun.  10:16:17 AM
DSCF1569.jpg  Sun.  11:16:05 AM
DSCF1571.jpg  Sun.  11:52:40 AM
DSCF1577.jpg  Sun.  1:01:22 PM
DSCF1579.jpg  Sun.  1:30:53 PM
DSCF1585.jpg  Sun.  2:50:54 PM
DSCF1587.jpg  Sun.  2:56:56 PM
DSCF1590.jpg  Sun.  2:59:48 PM
DSCF1593.jpg  Sun.  3:01:18 PM
DSCF1596.jpg  Sun.  3:02:14 PM
DSCF1597.jpg  Sun.  3:02:33 PM
DSCF1599.jpg  Sun.  3:03:56 PM
DSCF1601.jpg  Sun.  3:04:19 PM
DSCF1603.jpg  Sun.  3:04:58 PM
DSCF1605.jpg  Sun.  3:05:21 PM
DSCF1610.jpg  Sun.  3:06:47 PM
DSCF1611.jpg  Sun.  3:06:52 PM
DSCF1615.jpg  Sun.  3:07:55 PM
DSCF1616.jpg  Sun.  3:08:16 PM
DSCF1617.jpg  Sun.  3:08:51 PM
DSCF1619.jpg  Sun.  3:09:34 PM
DSC_4773.jpg  Sun.  3:12:20 PM
DSC_4780.jpg  Sun.  3:12:44 PM
DSCF1621.jpg  Sun.  3:16:42 PM
DSCF1622.jpg  Sun.  3:19:53 PM
DSC_4782.jpg  Sun.  3:20:31 PM
DSC_4784.jpg  Sun.  3:20:32 PM
DSCF1625.jpg  Sun.  3:20:35 PM
DSC_4785.jpg  Sun.  3:20:42 PM
DSC_4789.jpg  Sun.  3:20:58 PM
DSC_4792.jpg  Sun.  3:21:57 PM
DSC_4797.jpg  Sun.  3:31:36 PM
DSC_4817.jpg  Sun.  4:58:26 PM
DSC_4819.jpg  Sun.  4:59:12 PM
DSC_4832.jpg  Sun.  5:19:46 PM
DSCF1630.jpg  Sun.  5:37:59 PM
DSC_4835.jpg  Mon.  11:22:12 AM
DSC_4839.jpg  Mon.  11:25:52 AM
DSC_4843.jpg  Mon.  12:07:30 PM
DSC_4849.jpg  Mon.  12:08:30 PM
DSC_4851.jpg  Mon.  12:08:49 PM