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A Medical talk at Fisheries Supply

April 16, 2019

Tom LaMantia

Tom LaMantia, the Fisheries Supply store manager, introduced himself, shared a little of his boating history, and showed us several First Aid kits. Almost everyone at Fisheries is an experienced boater and receive extensive vendor training. Ryan Spott, our supportive "super tech" was in town to encourage folks to get their inReach set up and communicating. We missed Dr. Ken Fabert, but Doug, Lee and Jen who have been through his Safety at Sea talks before, covered the important points - stay on the boat, and don't get hit by the boom, the two most important killers offshore! As usual, seasickness is most asked about, and Jen having run oncology wards, was very familiar with the medical choices, from ginger to Stugeron. She even covered AEDs, and Doug stressed knowing your crews medical conditions. We have a good active group, lots of good questions, and we are looking forward to the raft-up this weekend. Thanks All! (Click on a image below for a larger image "slide show" - arrow keys work well.)

Youngblood.Coho.MedicalDSC_9459.jpg  4/16/19  6:30:16 PM
Youngblood.Coho.MedicalDSC_9466.jpg  4/16/19  6:32:43 PM
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