Potluck with Friends


February 2, 2020

Kathleen Cooking

I'm not much of a football fan, but superbowl was a good excuse to invite a few friends over for a casual potluck. Kathleen started cooking the day before! Angie and Kat came up to our Magnolia housesit with Emerson and baby Cedar. Jim and Deb came over from the Eastside, and Deb is still rooting for the Seahawks! Kyle and Ryan didn't make it - they were delivering the Islander 36, and working on boat projects. Sherry and Harold came up from Shilshole and two of Kathleen's kids made it; mushroom fan Jill, and Michelle with Francisco. Of course I tried for a few pics. What a good fun group. Thanks all!

(Click on a image below for a larger image "slide show" - arrow keys work well.)

Magnolia PotluckDSCF2558.jpg 2/2/20 3:47:07 PM
Magnolia PotluckDSCF2561.jpg 2/2/20 4:09:47 PM
Magnolia PotluckDSCF2562.jpg 2/2/20 4:11:53 PM
Magnolia PotluckDSCF2564.jpg 2/2/20 4:12:39 PM
Magnolia PotluckDSCF2565.jpg 2/2/20 4:13:31 PM
Magnolia PotluckDSCF2567.jpg 2/2/20 4:31:27 PM
Magnolia PotluckDSCF2568.jpg 2/2/20 4:31:39 PM
Magnolia PotluckDSCF2569.jpg 2/2/20 4:31:52 PM
Magnolia PotluckDSCF2574.jpg 2/2/20 4:32:54 PM
Magnolia PotluckDSCF2575.jpg 2/2/20 4:37:04 PM
Magnolia PotluckDSCF2579.jpg 2/2/20 5:30:03 PM
Magnolia PotluckDSCF2580.jpg 2/2/20 5:33:59 PM