C&C 32 s/v Avatar Survey

w/ Jim and Delaney Merrick

Avatar in the slings

Mike and his buddy Stefan are buying the C&C 32 over in Elliot Bay Marina. Jim and Delaney did the survey, with the haul-out at Seaview Boatyard at Shilshole. It was a scramble to get there and we were a little late, but Seaview took good care of us. What a sweet boat - they are going to have a fine time, with lots of adventures and sails to sort out. I hope you enjoy these shared pics, always good therapy for me - thanks all!   Stay home, stay safe. . .

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20.8.25_C&C 32 SurveyDSCF4136.jpg 8/25/20 10:30:30 AM
20.8.25_C&C 32 SurveyDSCF4139.jpg 8/25/20 10:30:48 AM
20.8.25_C&C 32 SurveyDSCF4144.jpg 8/25/20 10:57:08 AM
20.8.25_C&C 32 SurveyDSCF4146.jpg 8/25/20 10:59:11 AM
20.8.25_C&C 32 SurveyDSCF4148.jpg 8/25/20 11:01:06 AM
20.8.25_C&C 32 SurveyDSCF4150.jpg 8/25/20 11:01:37 AM
20.8.25_C&C 32 SurveyDSCF4151.jpg 8/25/20 11:01:47 AM
20.8.25_C&C 32 SurveyDSCF4152.jpg 8/25/20 11:17:56 AM
20.8.25_C&C 32 SurveyDSCF4155.jpg 8/25/20 11:46:08 AM