Offshore Sailing Trips

By Lee Youngblood

Graphite Sunset

I've done five Swiftsure races and a handfull of offshore trips. My first delivery trip to Hawaii ended in Eureka, CA, and we were lucky to get there. That was pre-digital and a lot of learning. Here's links to pics from other offshore trips. I hope you enjoy the pics, half as much as I enjoyed the sailing! Thanks all!
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Offshore fordeck
s/v Undaunted to Astoria
August 21-24, 2019  (166 Pics)
Santori Pounding North
2014 Satori Delivery
Stormy Waves
2014 Valis Delivery
s/v Complexity
2008 Hilo Passage
2006 Oregon Offshore
Rob and Teresa
2006 Baha Ha Ha
Andiamo Waves
2003 SF on Andiamo