Wauquiez Rendezvous Pics

By Lee Youngblood

Over fifteen years ago, Kathleen and I sailed to San Francisco with John and Lisa on their 35' Wauquiez Pretorien. I was so impressed with the boat, I've tried to make as many of the Rendezvous as possible. It's always a delight to try to get pics of the boats, and the people, that make this such a fun day. Here's links to pics from the years, I could make it to the Wauquiez Rendezvous. Thanks all! (Click on a image below for a larger image "slide show" - arrow keys work well.)

Raft-up Flags
2019 PNW Wauquiez RDV
Port Hudson, Port Townsend, WA
June 1, 2019  (316 Pics)
Spinnaker Racing
2018 RDV Pics
RDV Fleet Racing
2017 RDV Pics
s/v Turbulence
2016 RDV Pics
Beluga and Pt. Wilson
2015 RDV Pics
Pt.Hudson Fleet
2014 RDV Pics
Chasing spinnakers
2013 RDV Pics
Guy Buell on Airfare
2012 RDV Pics
Sail Packing
2010 RDV Pics
Mike's Gold Chute
2009 RDV Pics
Poulsbo Centurion 32
2007 RDV Pics
Flag w/ boat
2006 RDV Pics
Flag & Fleet
2005 RDV Pics
Andiamo in the waves
2003 on Andiamo