Lee Youngblood's   2008 Sites

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sv.Yare w/ Seattle

PSCC New Years

Michael at playground

Game Day 1/6

Meps n Barry

PSCC-Trip 1/26

Diana Talley

P.T. Varnish 2/6

sv Simplicity

sv Simplicity 2/28


ByeBye Fluterby 3/9

Raft-up Masts

Manzanita 3/29

Music Barn

Music Barn 4/15

sv Yare

Liberty Bay 4/26

Scott's Home

Scott's 34th 5/11

Mystery Bay Trip

Mystery Bay Trip 5/24

Lorenzo Fordeck

Lorenzo Race 5/28

Wauquiez Fleet

Wauquiez Rendezvous 5/31

Yellow Tree

Lane'sGarden 6/1


Delirium Race 6/2

Complexity Hilo Trip

Complexity Trip 6/23


Lee on Complexity Trip 7/21

Longbranch Raft

Longbranch Trip 8/29

BMW Oracle Tri

Anacortes Trip 9/12

Benefit Race

SSYC Benefit 9/27

Yare aerial

PSCC Aerials 9/27

Scott skateboarding

Skateboard Scott 10/5

Discovery Bay

Discovery Bay trip 10/08

Larch Search

Larch Search 10/22

Pumpkin Potluck

Pumpkin Potluck 10/25

Snowy Shilshole

Snowy Shilshole 12/21


Anneke 12/08

Boxing Day

Boxing Day 12/26