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Friends, family and sailing sites. . .

I had a serious computer crash, lost the computer, most of 2015 edited images, and worse, my old workflow. The programs I used to edit images and build web pages didn't work on the newer used computer. Finally, I have another convoluted workflow, flexible pages, and here are some of the pics from 2015. It's a slow re-start! Thanks for stopping by. Please come back again, refresh your browser, and see what’s here.  I hope you enjoy the pics, as I appreciate the time with you. Thanks all, Lee.

Secptre 41 s/v Altair Naming s/v Altair
Shilshole Bay Marina
January 3, 2015 (29 Pics)
Ray at helms/v Echo Survey w/ John Sanford
Shilshole/Seaview Boatyard
March 16, 2015 (25 Pics)
Wayne and Whispers/v Whisper Survey w/ Wayne
Olympia, WA
March 24, 2015 (45 Pics)
Dan in rig.Coho Ho Ho Rally 2015
Port Townsend Rigging
Survey & Seminar at CYC
April 21, 2015 (47 Pics)
Montgomery 172015 PSCC Circumlocution
Race and Raft-up off Lemolo
April 25, 2015 (42 Pics)
Alex and Joe Coho Ho Ho Rally 2015
Ballard Sails w/ Alex & Joe
April 28, 2015 (24 Pics)
Blue MooseCoho Ho Ho Rally 2015
P.T.R. Field Trip
May 5, 2015   (51 Pics)
Beluga and Pt. WilsonWauquiez RDV 2015
Point Hudson Marina
Port Townsend   
May 30, 2015   (167 Pics)
David BirchCoho Navigation - David Birch
Captains Nautical Supply
June 2, 2015   (28 Pics)
CrewCarmanah Fridays
June and July
July 7, 2015   (54 Pics)
Ginger and WendyCoho Provisioning Seminar
w/ Ginger and Wendy
at Dockside Solutions
June 16, 2015   (7 Pics)
Brad BakerCoho Weather - Brad Baker
at Dockside Solutions
June 23, 2015   (7 Pics)
The Pig2015 Pig Roast
at Banti Creek
July 25, 2015   (74 Pics)
Sail ShadowsCarmanah Nites
August 21, 2015   (35 Pics)
Deb & JimSTYC Race Your House
with Deb & Jim
October 10, 2015   (51 Pics)
Jack in BasketCat Jack at Hulsizer's
October 23, 2015   (53 Pics)
Crockpot Missing Hulsizer Pics
2014/2015   (37 Pics)