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Snowy Olympic Dr. Mountain Water Sunset Golfcourse snow Olympic sunset SunsetTree Snowytrees VashonView

Here are some of the pics from this year, a good cold snowy start, to a great year! Please come back again, refresh your browser, and see what's here. I hope you enjoy the pics, half as much, as I appreciate the time with you. Click on a photo below to see more images. Thanks all, Lee.

Santosha in the slings Santosha Survey
September 8, 2020  (14 Pics)
Avatar in the slings C&C 32 Survey
August 25, 2020  (9 Pics)
Clouds w/ sun star 3033 July/August
August 15, 2020  (142 Pics)
Mts. Trees n Clouds Iron Hold Daytrip/Jill
August 9, 2020  (84 Pics)
Clouds n Light Magnolia
June 29, 2020  (84 Pics)
Peaking Feet Gradually Reopening
June 7, 2020  (96 Pics)
Sister Lane Visit with Lane
May 7, 2020  (22 Pics)
Masks on! Sheltered in Place
April 29, 2020  (69 Pics)
Olympic sunset The Quarantine Continues
April 18, 2020  (103 Pics)
Chair and gloves Quarantined
March 29, 2020  (125 Pics)
Travis on s/v Moments Travis S2 Sail
March 3, 2020  (8 Pics)
Osprey.Ferry PSCC Eagle Harbor Potluck
February 29, 2020  (47 Pics)
Kathleen Cooking Magnolia Potluck
February 2, 2020  (13 Pics)
s/v Moments S2 Moments Survey
January 30, 2020  (22 Pics)
snowy morning Anacortes WY Trip
January 14, 2020  (38 Pics)

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