Lee Youngblood 2016 Sites

Friends, family and sailing sites. . .

Finally, here are some of the pics from this year! This has been a great year, with lots of good people, events, and sailing experiences to photograph. Yes, it’s been a long process, to figure out a workable web solution, responsive enough to work on your phones, and simple enough, I can understand it, sorta. I'm still trying to get more pics up, so come back soon, and see what’s here. I hope you appreciate the photos. Thanks, Lee

PSCC Circumlocution
April 23rd  (90 Pics)

Coho Raft-up
May 1st  (83 Pics)

Carmanah Race
May 4th  (16 Pics)
Coho Rigging Seminar
May 10th  (39 Pics)
Coho Rigging Field Trip
May 13-15th  (84 Pics)
Carmanah Race
May 25th  (32 Pics)
NW FolkLife Festival
May 29th  (91 Pics)
Wauquiez RDV
June 4th  (217 Pics)
Meghan's Graduation
June 13th  (22 Pics)
PSCC Salmon Bake
June 25th  (99 Pics)
Diane Retires
July 9th  (18 Pics)
Cle Elum Pig Roast
July 30th  (175 Pics)
Carmanah Race
August 1st  (64 Pics)
Star Fleet
August 4th  (11 Pics)
Seafair Party
August 7th  (104 Pics)
August 21st  (23 Pics)
Cruiser Potluck
August 27th  (23 Pics)
Tofte Survey
August 29th  (64 Pics)
Abenstern Sea-trial
September 3rd  (15 Pics)
Magnolia Ppatch
September 5th  (101)
Tofte Delivery
September 9th  (32 Pics)
PSCC Blakely
September 24th (120 Pics)
Fall Family Pics
October 22nd  (41 Pics)
PSCC Pumpkin Raft-up
October 29/30th  (60 Pics)
Lane and Rodgers
November 1st  (20 Pics)
PSCC Kingston Trip
November 27th  (37 Pics)
CYC Christmas Ships Party
December 17th (55 Pics)
Tango Night
December 18th (35 Pics)
Christmas Star in Rafters Christmas Eve Dinner
December 24th (35 Pics)
Alan and Steve PSCC New Year's Eve Trip
December 31st (46 Pics)