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Friends, family and sailing sites. . .

Here are some of the pics from this year, sailing, family, friends and a few interesting events. It's a good start, and a great year! Thanks for stopping by. Please come back again, refresh your browser, and see what’s here.  I hope you enjoy the pics, as I appreciate the time with you. Click on a photo below to see more images. Thanks all, Lee.

Youngblood|Thanksgiving hors d'oeuvresFamily Thanksgiving
November 22, 2018  (20 Pics)
Youngblood|Hunter43SurveyHunter 43 Survey
Canal-Lake Union/Seattle
November 9, 2018  (20 Pics)
Pumpkin SpiderO-Dock Halloween
October 31, 2018  (30 Pics)
Rodger Squirrel with SculptureRodger Squirrel Sculpture
North Lake Washington
October 22, 2018  (33 Pics)
Sea Vogle Crew2018 Race Your House
Off Shilshole
October 21, 2018  (72 Pics)
Bread and berries!Birthdays_with_Michelle
October 20, 2018  (16 Pics)
ChanterelleIronhold Fall Camping
Above Index, WA
October 13-15, 2018  (72 Pics)
Charlotte Bow n SailsSailing on Charlotte
Al's Quest 30
October 11, 2018  (30 Pics)
s/v YohelahPSCC Tequila Race
w/ Blakely Harbor Raft-up
September 30, 2018  (96 Pics)
Dan's Ericson 41 sailboat.Dan's Ericson 41, Magic Flyby
Shilshole, WA
September 26, 2018  (16 Pics)
Sarah n Zach on Bavaria 42.42' Bavaria Survey
Edmonds, WA
September 25, 2018  (28 Pics)
s/v Arrows/v Arrow Departs O-Dock
Shilshole, WA

September 18, 2018  (26 Pics)
Wayne, Shawn and Cormorant35 Oday Survey
Anacortes, WA
September 8, 2018  (10 Pics)
PSCC BurgeePSCC Garrison Bay Trip
San Juan Island, WA
September 4, 2018  (196 Pics)
Back yard partyBackyard Cruiser Party
Ballard, WA
August 19, 2018  (67 Pics)
Return CakesDan's Return Party
Kirkland, WA
August 18, 2018  (58 Pics)
Cyntia and DavidSailing with Cynthia on
s/v Mirage, Elliot Bay, WA

August 16, 2018  (26 Pics)
Blue AnglesGwen & Gary's Seafair Party
Mercer Island, WA
August 5, 2018  (70 Pics)
Picking CrabFamily Retreat
Fidalgo Island, WA
7/30-8/3, 2018  (134 Pics)
John's PigLane and Rodger's Pig Roast
Cle Elum, WA
July 28, 2018  (122 Pics)
Family FlowersMarianne's Family
Bothell, WA
July 14, 2018  (30 Pics)
Steaming SalmonPSCC Salmon Bake
Port Madison, WA
June 23  (251 Pics)
Wind Dancer finishWind Dancer Fun Race
Shilshole Bay, WA
June 22  (48 Pics)
Ken Fabert Coho | Medical.Fabert
Fisheries Supply (Coho#13)
June 6  (30 Pics)
David WilkensonCoho | Weather.Wilkinson
Fisheries Supply
June 12  (37 Pics)
Spinnaker RacingWauquiez Rendezvous
Port Townsend, WA
June 1-3  (241 Pics)
Memorial Day FlagsPSCC Oro Bay Trip
Memorial Day Weekend
May 26  (159 Pics)
David Burch Coho | Burch.Navigation
Captain's Supply (Coho#5)
May 15  (39 Pics)
Funeral Tent Yuxiang Le Memorial
Acacia Memorial Park
May 14  (78 Pics)
Sewing Sign Coho Sewing Group at
Ranier Industries, Renton

April 12  (32 Pics)
Susan Peasy w/ HammerheadsCoho Seminar #4
Offshore with Susan Peasy

4/10   (30 Pics)
Alex at Ballard SailsCoho Seminar #2
Ballard Sails

March 27  (38 Pics)
Captain Skip AndersonCoho Kick-Off & Seminar #1
Captain Skip Anderson

March 20  (40 Pics)
s/v Panic upwindJ-105 Panic Race
March 10  (51 Pics)
s/v VictoriaAJ on C&C 99 s/v Victoria
March 3  (12 Pics)
Tim checking the rig.Mohr Survey
March 7-9  (35 Pics)
Han's GrinSunny Sailing with Hans
March 3rd  (47 Pics)
Tony's GrinPSCC Edmonds Trip
February 24th  (54 Pics)
Viking Robotics logo Viking Robotics
Ballard, WA
February 14th  (127 Pics)
Signs and Globe Seattle Womens March
Smiles and Signs
January 20th  (194 Pics)
Cake Lane, Kate & Walt's Retirement Party  Lake Forest Park, WA
January 18th  (99 Pics)
Opus in the slings. Opus Survey
Seaview Boatyard
January 8th  (16 Pics)
Robin & AJ Robin & AJ's Party
Ballard, WA
January 6th  (40 Pics)
Sunny docked Opus Opus Demo Sail
Off Shilshole Bay Marina
January 5th  (8 Pics)
Gabe with Dominos Gabe at Lane & Rodgers
Lake Forest Park
January 2nd  (16 Pics)
Seattle Fireworks PSCC New Year's Cruise
Blakely Harbor
January 1st  (50 Pics)