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Here are some of the pics from this year! Turns out it was quite a good year! We got to do the Women's March, our first long road trip in years, Coho Seminars, PSCC cruises, boat surveys and deliveries. We had birthdays, dinners, the pig roast and camping trips with friends and family. I got to photograph the Wauquiez Rendezvous, Gary's Seafair Party, and John's fun Physics Demo. We've been through the locks at night, and the swap meet before dawn, and finished off the year with a Boxing Day Brunch, a pretty good year, and I've enjoyed it all! Thanks for stopping by. Please come back again, refresh your browser, and see what’s here. I hope you enjoy the pics, as I appreciate the time with you. Thanks all, Lee

Dinghy Loading PSCC New Year's Eve Trip
Jan. 2nd  (46 Pics)
Protest signs and Space Needle Women's March
Jan. 21st  (147 Pics)
Road to Arizona Arizona Trip
A week on the road.
Feb. 13th to 25th (558 Pics)
s/v Red Hot C&C 39 Delivery/Survey
March 15th  (59 Pics)
Captains Supply Coho Ho Ho Rally
Kick-off Potluck Party
March 18th  (29 Pics)
Captain Skip Anderson Coho Ho Ho Rally
Seminar #1 - Captains
March 21st  (20 Pics)
Turbulance and Seattle PSCC Phinney Bay Trip
March 25 & 26th  (56 Pics)
Ballard Sails Coho Ho Ho Rally
Seminar #2 Ballard Sails
March 28th (25 Pics)
Nicole cleaning prop Nicole's Catalina Survey/Delivery
March 31st  (39 Pics)
Jeff Thomassen Coho Ho Ho Rally
Seminar #3 Communications
April 4th (27 Pics)
Roger Davies Coho Ho Ho Rally
#4 Offshore Expectations
April 11th (33 Pics)
Wind Dancer at Seaview Wind Dancer Arrives
Seaview Boatyard
April 15th  (11 Pics)
Ace Spragg Coho Ho Ho Rally
#5 Night Navigation w/ Ace
April 18th (23 Pics)
Coho Raft-Up Coho Ho Ho Rally
Blakely Harbor Raft-Up
April 23rd  (90 Pics)
Jim Rard Coho Ho Ho Rally
Seminar #6 Jury Rigging at Sea
April 25th  (23 Pics)
PSCC Raft-Up PSCC Circumlocution
Lemolo, Liberty Bay
April 29-30th  (55 Pics)
Dan in Rig Coho Ho Ho Rally
Rigging Survey/Seminar #7
May 2nd  (31 Pics)
Ken Fabert Coho Ho Ho Rally
Seminar #8 Offshore First Aid
May 9th  (52 Pics)
chocolate mousse cake May Family Dinner
At Jill's
May 21st  (33 Pics)
Brad Baker Coho Ho Ho Rally
Brad Baker Weather #10
May 23rd  (31 Pics)
Memorial Day Flag PSCC.Coho Raft-up
Port Gamble
May 27-30th  (159 Pics)
RDV Fleet Racing Wauquiez PNW Rendezvous
Port Townsend
June 3rd  (187 Pics)
John Davis Physics Demo
John Davis
June 13th  (120 Pics)
Salmon Baking PSCC Salmon Bake
Port Madisom
June 24th  (131 Pics)
Iron Hold Cabin 4th of July Camping Trip
At Iron Hold
July 2-5th  (95 Pics)
Michael with cake July Family Dinner
Mount Lake Terrace
July 8th  (50 Pics)
Kathleen and logs Work Party / Camping Trip
At Iron Hold
July 15th  (46 Pics)
Arnold Amenda Arnold's Barbecue
July 22th  (79 Pics)
Blakely Rock Low Tide at Blakely Rock
Puget Sound
July 23rd  (33 Pics)
s/v Grani Sailing s/v Grani Bottom Paint
Edmonds, WA
July 27th  (17 Pics)
roasting Pig Pig Roast
Cle elum, WA
July 29/30  (243 Pics)
Blue Angeles Dive Seafair Party
Mercer Island, WA
August 6th  (155 Pics)
Martin Martin's 80th
Renton, WA
August 12th  (178 Pics)
Roberts 341 in Sling Dawn's Survey
Anacortes, WA
September 11th  (54 Pics)
Swap Meet Fall Swap Meet
Seattle, WA
September 16th  (49 Pics)
Red Hot's Big Dog PSCC Tequila Race Raft-up
Blakely Harbor, WA
September 23th  (130 Pics)
s/v Airstream through the bridges. Airstream Sail & Survey
Seattle, WA
October 1st & 2nd  (53 Pics)
Grinning Jeff Levin IF38 Delivery
Anacortes to Bremerton
October 14th & 15th  (146 Pics)
Pumpkins in Port Madison PSCC Pumpkin Raft-up
Port Madison
October 28th & 29th  (167 Pics)
Pumpkin n Gord Halloween on O-dock
October 31st  (12 Pics)
Map Plan Kam & Ross's Goodbye Party
November 8th  (26 Pics)
Kyle and Angelia Kyle and Angelia
On Pegasus
November 20th  (60 Pics)
November sky PSCC Dessert Raft-up
Poulsbo/Liberty Bay
November 25/26th  (50 Pics)
Pecan Pie Family Thanksgiving
Montlake, WA
November 25th  (47 Pics)
Christmas Ships Tango Night
Christmas Ships Tour
December 16th  (48 Pics)
Christmas Stockings by Fire Boxing Day
Ballard, WA
December 26th  (66 Pics)