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I've been involved with the Coho Ho Ho Rally since the beginning, when Doug Lombard returned from his first trip with Kelly and John Wanamaker and said "We have to have a rally, to get to the rally"! Doug's enthusiasm has led to five years of Coho Rallies, with seminars, field trips, rig surveys, raft-ups and line cutting parties. We stared in Angelia's Dockside Solutions and quickly out-grew the space. With the support of Fisheries Supply, we now meet in their training room, and do a few seminars at Captains Supply in Ballard. I've tried to work behind the scenes, wrangling speakers, chairs, food and photos. I try to get shots of the participants, their boats, and help produce a fleet directory. Here are some of the links to the pics from those events. Thank you all!      Click on an image below to see the trip pics. . .   Enjoy!

2018 Sites

Ken Fabert Coho | Medical.Fabert
Fisheries Supply (Coho#13)
June 6  (30 Pics)
David WilkensonCoho Weather w/ Wilkinson
Fisheries Supply
June 12  (37 Pics)
David Burch Coho | Burch Navigation
Captain's Supply (Coho#5)
May 15  (39 Pics)
Sewing Sign Coho Sewing Group at
Ranier Industries, Renton
April 12  (32 Pics)
Susan Peasy w/ HammerheadsCoho Seminar #4
Offshore with Susan Peasy

4/10   (30 Pics)
Alex at Ballard SailsCoho Seminar #2
Ballard Sails

March 27  (38 Pics)
Captain Skip AndersonCoho Kick-Off & Seminar #1
Captain Skip Anderson

March 20  (40 Pics)

2017 Sites

Captains Supply Coho Ho Ho Rally
Kick-off Potluck Party

May 18th  (29 Pics)
Captain Skip Anderson Coho Ho Ho Rally
Seminar #1 - Captains

May 21st  (20 Pics)
Ballard Sails Coho Ho Ho Rally
Seminar #2 Ballard Sails
March 28th (25 Pics)
Jeff Thomassen Coho Ho Ho Rally
#3 Offshore Communications
April 4th (27 Pics)
Roger Davies Coho Ho Ho Rally
#4 Offshore Expectations
April 11th (33 Pics)
Ace Spragg Coho Ho Ho Rally
#5 Night Navigation w/ Ace
April 18th (23 Pics)
Coho Raft-Up Coho Ho Ho Rally
Blakely Harbor Raft-Up
April 22st  (90 Pics)
Jim Rard Coho Ho Ho Rally
Seminar #6 Jury Rigging at Sea
April 25th  (23 Pics)
Dan in Rig Coho Ho Ho Rally
Rigging Survey/Seminar #7
May 2nd  (31 Pics)
Ken Fabert Coho Ho Ho Rally
Seminar #8 Offshore First Aid
May 9th  (52 Pics)
Brad Baker Coho Ho Ho Rally
#10 Brad Baker Weather
May 23rd  (31 Pics)
Memorial Day Raft-up Masts PSCC.Coho Raft-up
Port Gamble
May 27-30th  (159 Pics)
Pacific Maritime meeting Coho Captains
Pacific Maritime, Ballard
June 27th  (17 Pics)

2016 Sites

Coho Raft-up
May 1st  (83 Pics)
Coho Rigging Seminar
May 10th  (39 Pics)
Coho Rigging Field Trip
May 13-15th  (84 Pics)

2015 Sites

Coho Weather | Brad Baker
June 6  (7 Pics)

Coho Navigation | David Burch
June 2, 2015  (28 Pics)

Coho | Port Townsend Rigging
May 16, 2015  (50 Pics)

Coho | PTRigging.CYC
April 21, 2015  (46 Pics)

Coho | Ballard Sails
April 28, 2015  (23 Pics)

Coho | Provisioning
June 16, 2015  (6 Pics)

2014 Sites

Coho | Port Townsend Rigging
May 9, 2014  (158 Pics)